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    Although in Indonesia the use of Sukabumi Tiles Australia so popular, it is kind of tile has earned its own place in various foreign countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and several European countries. These stone tiles are made of green stone typical of Sukabumi, which has unique and exotic colours. The market share of this type of tile is reaching a premium both for market share in the country or abroad. This type of green sukabumi stone tiles can be seen in several star hotels in various countries including Australia, especially to add the exotics pool. Green stone tiles from Sukabumi are very suitable when applied to the pool because besides providing a beautiful and elegant appearance can also help purify the water in the swimming pool.

    Design properties indeed often get a lot of changes and developments from time to time. Today, many entrepreneurs are interested in the property for decorating and display views on the concept of natural properties they manage. One of the natural look you can see in the use of natural stone found in the pool several large hotels in Australia. The swimming pool uses the green stone typical of Sukabumi that does have beautiful and unique colours. By applying the Sukabumi Tiles Australia on the floor and walls of the pool, it can provide a more luxurious and elegant at the poolside. The pool looks more natural and charming even when the area around the pool also uses some kind of natural rocks suitable or use a wooden floor. It will be more luxurious and enchanting.


    Baumart Showroom at Perth, WA, Australia

    Sukabumi Tiles Australia – Buy Green Sukabumi Tiles in Australia

    Green Natural stone has become more popular for decoration support good property to view the interior or exterior of the building. Several types of natural stone can enhance the room as interior walls, some other types of natural stone is suitable for wall or a fence, and several others including Sukabumi Tiles Australia will be very interesting when applied to the floor or wall of the pool or shower. With a beautiful green colour on the stone, the pool will increasingly look attractive. The green stone has a natural compound that serves to purify water as zeloit. With the uniqueness and exoticism owned green tiles of stone, not too difficult to find a hotel or villa in Australia that uses the natural stone tiles.

    Sukabumi Tiles Australia applied to the pool Australia there are two types of finishing spilled face or flat engines. Stone tile finishing applications with split face would make the pool had artistic and aesthetic value higher will make the value of a luxury building will also be higher but still able to offer concepts that come into contact with nature. Swimming with the green stone tiles can also be seen more clearly, so that the beauty of the pool will be more visible. As for the ground floor of the pool typically using natural stone tiles with finishing average or honed machine that is not shiny. Natural texture of the green natural stone can be maintained even in the form of tiles.


    Our Stock at Baumart Warehouse

    Sukabumi Tiles Stock in Australia – Herewith The Details Contact to Buy

    Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Darwin, Queensland) became one of the continent in this world that are preferred by many visitors as a tourist destination or a business that serves a classy hotel or resort with luxury swimming pool will make visitors feel more comfortable. Various innovations made by the developer and manager of a hotel or resort in Australia to offer traction and comfort for the visitors. In addition to offering a unique concept of temporary shelter and modern, some property management offers a more natural concept. One of them is to use Sukabumi Tiles Australia are beautiful and exotic.

    Herewith our agent in Australia:

    Stone Depot C/O Baumart Holding Ltd
    Perth, WA:
    Suite 1, 82 Belmont Avenue, Rivervale WA 6103
    Perth ā€“ AUSTRALIA
    T: (61-8) 9277 2030
    PIC. Amanda McCurry  (+61 423 282 268)

    Sydney, NSW:
    245 Woodpark Road
    Smithfield, NSW 2164
    PIC. Amanda McCurry  (+61 423 282 268)

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  1. Mark Byrne says:

    Price per m2 suka bumi stone ( sawn cut ) and split face.
    Can you please forward cost per m2 to buy.Site in sydney

  2. jodie says:

    Please advise of m2 price of suka bumi sawn cut tiles and delivery of 40sm to Melbourne vic. Thanks

  3. Jason says:

    I need some sukabumi stone tile for a swimming pool. Can you supply.
    Thanks Jason Polar pools

    • admin says:

      Hi Jason,

      My colleagues Ms Sinta already email you. We have stock in Australia, you can contact Ms Amanda Mc Curry +61 423 282 268

      Winsen Setiawan

  4. Beverly says:

    How much per m2. Thanks
    Need 25m

  5. John says:

    Iā€™m looking for a price for Sukabumi stone 100×100 for a project in Brisbane. Thank you

  6. Andy says:

    Do you have a stockist in. Brisbane or the Gold Coast, I’d like to obtain a sample

  7. Matt says:

    Hi Can I please have a price per sqm of 100×100 sukabumi stone tiles for pool construction plus freight cost to Brisbane. Thanks.

  8. Morning, price and availability of 100x100x10mm Green Sukabumi Bali stone please
    100sqm required Perth.

    Thank you Helen McGowan

  9. Ryan says:

    Need pricing please for honed tiles please 140m2

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