• Sandstone Floor Tiles – Sandstone Floor Tiles Mirroring the Beach and Desert


    Indonesia Yellow Palimo Sandstone

    Sandstone Floor Tiles make the floor look like beach or desert. Since sandstone is sediment of sand, the tiles will mirroring beach sand or desert sand depend on from which sand it is formed. However, it will create different sensation when you walk on it. Although sandstone is coarse-grained, it is considered hard stone so you will feel it firm on your feet. With technology, the surface of the tile is smoother. With polished option, you will see it like gleaming beach with soft surface. It may slippery on wet condition but the beauty of nature is something that will make the floor treasured.

    Sandstone is rich of options from bright hue to dark tone. Not only the color, patterns and textures of the stone are various as well. Therefore, numerous impressions could be made by Sandstone Floor Tiles. Whether it classic or contemporary design, creativity could make the result fascinating in different ways. The equal thing is earthy feeling it made. Similar with other natural products, sandstone offers something unique. Although the color and pattern is similar, but no two tiles are exactly the same. This will increase the value of the floor. The value is something that we could not compare it with imitation.

    Durability of Sandstone Floor Tiles


    Indonesia Golden Palimo Sandstone

    Sandstone is hard enough to be used on flooring. Although it is not as hard as fine-grained granite and slate, Sandstone Floor Tiles could build powerful and durable floor that could last for long time. When you want it to have long last beauty, you need proper care and maintenance. Because it is coarse-grained, sandstone has high absorption rate that mean it could easily stained when colored liquid poured on the surface. Therefore, quick drying is needed anytime you spill liquid. It is also considered soft stone so it prone to scratches. Avoid wearing high-heels when walking in the surface and be careful not to drop things.

    As natural stone, it is very common for sandstone to eventually become weathered and discolored. Although we could not prevent it to happen someday, perfect maintenance could prolong the initial beauty. What could be done is maintain the cleanness regularly. Do not let dirt stay long on the surface and protect it from direct sunlight and rain. Yet, you should not feel pressured by the need of perfect maintenance. Although the color may change, the floor will still look good as long as the surface still in good condition without holes. Weathering and aged is a change of beauty that many people think it as the charm of Sandstone Floor Tiles.

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    Sandstone Floor Tiles – Sandstone Floor Tiles Mirroring the Beach and Desert

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