• Sandstone Tiles – Natural Precious of Sandstone Tiles


    Indonesia Golden Palimo Sandstone

    Sandstone Tiles is natural option. Just like the name, sandstone is sedimentary stone formed by sand that deposited and compressed naturally by water or wind. Since it is formed from sand, the grain is coarse but it is durable enough to be used in construction. It has unique beauty because the sand could come in various colors and it mix with other materials to create different hues, tones, patterns, and textures. The sense of nature could always create beautiful feeling that warms our heart. Therefore, Sandstone Tiles could bring the natural warm in the building while adding the value from its unique beauty.

    Unlike sandstone brick, Sandstone Tiles are made with smoother, evenly surface in a certain size. As the result, it will bring more organized and evenly look that increase elegances of the surface. In order to make the surface look more attractive and unique, you can combine two or more tile variations with different colors, patterns, and/or size. Although the length and width could be different from one variation to another, thickness of the tiles is usually the same, even from different manufacturer. Therefore, combination of different tile variations still create evenly surface. However, creativity is needed to ensure balance and beautiful result.



    Indonesia Yellow Palimo Sandstone

    Due to myriad choices of colors, patterns, textures, tones, and hues as well as it durability, Sandstone Tiles is very versatile for any arrangement and any building. Although people tend to use natural stone for outdoor layout, sandstone is also suitable for indoor use. For outdoor, it is usually used in the patio and pathway while indoor layout is commonly for bathroom and kitchen. It could be used on the wall as well as the floor. It could be used in residential building as well as commercial building. However, sandstone floor is rarely used in commercial building because it could not handle high traffic.

    Sandstone could create different moods and different value. Brighter tone could bring happier feeling to the surface while dark tone will make it look solemn. While honed tile looks so natural, polished tile with the glistening surface looks so glamorous. Nevertheless, polished tile could be so slippery so attention is needed when deciding which floor area to install it. You need to avoid area where people are walking fast or even running. You also need to avoid area where water could present because water could make it more slippery. Once installed, you will mesmerized by the beauty and warm feeling from Sandstone Tiles.

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    Sandstone Tiles – Natural Precious of Sandstone Tiles

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