• Sandstone Wall Tiles – Sandstone Wall Tiles Bring New Value to the Wall

    Sandstone Wall Tiles Courtesy Sukhothai Restaurant Vietnam

    Sandstone Wall Tiles – Photo Courtesy: Sunsea Resort & Sukhothai Restaurant Vietnam

    Sandstone Wall Tiles could make the wall become more valuable and appealing from the first look, even from a bit far. While plain wall is boring, Sandstone tiles will bring the warm of nature that is so nice to see as well as so nice to feel. Sandstone could make the wall has different textures and colors. Since the beauty of nature could reduce stress and generate relax, it is very good to be placed at the space to relax such as garden. It is not brick so you can expect evenly surface on the wall but you are free to be creative for the installation. Sandstone has good durability. Commonly, it could last for decades until you need replacement. Since Sandstone Wall Tiles are to be installed in the wall, it could last longer than sandstone flooring because no foot steps on the wall. Yet, maintenance is still essential to ensure long lasting beauty of the wall. Cleaning the wall from dust regularly is needed. Since sandstone does not have scratch resistance quality, avoid things that could create scratch such as throwing something hard to the wall. Try to keep it dry because damp wall is prone to mold that could leave stain on the wall.


    Sandstone Wall Tiles – Photo Courtesy: Sunsea Resort Vietnam

    Sandstone Wall Tiles Could Have Modern Touch Stone wall is commonly associated with classic look of European building. Of course, you can go with the classic option and have the timeless beauty on your home. However, stone wall is not always classic. We can add modern touch on the wall to make it more suitable with present trend. Remember that Sandstone Wall Tiles are available in various styles, colors, and patterns. To make it different, do not use the same style but combine several types.

    With combination of different colors and patterns, we can create matchless contemporary art. Since we will not walking in the wall, you are free to make the surface uneven. The other modern touch is something glistening and glowing. Using polished tiles is the answer for such look. Polished tile is preferable for indoor wall for the use at bathroom and kitchen.

    For outdoor used, natural look is preferable to make the wall fit better with the surrounding outdoor area. Nevertheless, the choice is actually depend on the homeowner and the designer. Sometime, crazy idea could bring something fresh and spectacular. Therefore, feel free to explore possibility of creating unique stone wall with different tiles. Just make sure you make careful design and calculation before installation of Sandstone Wall Tiles.

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    Sandstone Wall Tiles – Sandstone Wall Tiles Bring New Value to the Wall

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