• Stone Depot Care Social Responsibility (CSR) : Donation For Early Childhood Education School

    Stone Depot Caring Social Responsibility (CSR)


    Over 13 years, Stone Depot has participated for developing our national economic condition especially in industrial manufacturer sector.

    Stone Depot has export many kind of natural stone, granite, and marble to more than 70 countries over the world such as Uni Emirates Arab, Brazil, China, Phillipines, Australia, United States of America (USA), Samoa Island, Seychelles, Ghana, South Africa and many more.

    Our Company has contributed in local as well as international design projects.

    Since 2005, Stone Depot established with brings important mission to became a world class stone company. In the way to achieve our important mission, for sure we need a solid foundation team and a great relationship with people around us.

    Stone Depot Social Care Responsibility For Earlier Childhood Education School


    Children Earlier Education School at Lengkong Wetan, Majalengka


    Every year, Stone Depot routine gives a donation in education sector especially for Early Childhood Education School. Stone Depot Care Social Responsibility (CSR) is our important values in helping and growing villager around our factory plant at Lengkong Wetan, Majalengka, Indonesia.

    Through this excellent program, Stone Depot hopes education in Indonesia more better especially in remote areas which need supported with good facilities and services by volunteer.

    For the better future, Stone Depot will keep learning their knowledge and gives more support for developing our economic national condition and better living for villager around us both by opening jobs and developing education school as well.

    If any further assistance, you need regarding our Indonesia Natural Stone , please click this Whatsapp link to contact with us directly: (Putri) or email:

    Stone Depot Care Social Responsibility (CSR) : Donation For Early Childhood Education School

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