• Stone Depot Family Gathering 2019 In Yogyakarta

    On March 15th-17th 2019, the Stone Depot family held an amazing annual gathering which was a form of appreciation to our team based on their achieved annual profits during a year of work. On this amazing year, Stone Depot had a chance to visit one of the exotic cities in Indonesia, famous with its history & culture, the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

    During 3 days 2 nights, our team really enjoying for every moment in gathering schedule which was arranged by our hard worker team. Culinary, is the opening of our fantastic moment when arrived in here. The Palace of Yogyakarta is our first destination for having a lunch. The beauty palace was built by Sultan Hamengkubuwono I on the past year. An ancient java looks combine with perfect nuances of religious , make this palace looks more classy and elegant.

    Taman Sari Water Castle – Legendary Place with 3 Religions Concept

    Stone Depot Family Gathering 2019

    Our next destination is a legendary place, Taman Sari Water Castle. This beauty Water Castle was built by Sultan Hamengkubuwono I on 1700’s, near long 2 years after built the Palace of Yogyakarta. The main purpose by establishing this luxury castle is for used as his resting place and having fun with his concubines. Besides being used as fortress of self-defense from enemies on the past.

    Taman Sari have an elegant building design architecture which is a combination between 3 religions, Islam, Buddha & Hindu and also it’s looks like a blend of two culture, Javanese and Europe culture. All the stunning designs are clearly appereance from the ornaments of the buildings.

    On this place, we have a great moment to explores more about Taman Sari Water Castle which was guided by a professional guider. For your info, Our guider is a descendants of the last generation of Sultan Hamengkubuwono I.

    In the night, we have celebrate an annual important event, Stone Depot Awards, which a particular event of our annual gathering. Stone Depot Awards is a moment for appreciate our team productivity during a year with the reward as a certificate of the best employee of the year and cash reward until 5 million rupiahs.

    After Stone Depot Awards

    For every our team which was brought their little family, we can happy together in doorprize event with the rewards is some shopping vouchers totally 5 million rupiahs.

    On the second day, we have a fantastic trip to Elo River Magelang. Some of us got an opportunity to playing Rafting at Elo River Magelang with happy feeling inside out. Exciting radiation come out from our team during the games.

    Stone Depot Rafting at Elo River Magelang

    On our last day in Jogja, we closed  by exploring many kind of Yogyakarta traditional foods and goods both in the traditional market and shopping center. Malioboro area is a favourite area of us and every traveler who travel this stunning city.

    Through this trip,hope Stone Depot will have a strong,  one vision and open minded team. With the presence of these team members, we believe Stone Depot will more growing and increasing our services to gives customer satisfaction.

    If any further assistance, you need regarding our Indonesia Natural Stone , please click this Whatsapp link to contact with us directly: (Putri) or email:


    Stone Depot Family Gathering 2019 In Yogyakarta

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