• Stone Depot News : Stock of The Month

    Stone Depot updated Stock of The Month with some interesting choices including types of stone, size, and surface finishes.

    Our ready stock items on this month are Indonesia Black Lavastone and Green Sukabumi Stone. Both of them are natural stones with the highest demands on the market.

    Here is our product Stock of The Month information.

    Stock of The Month

    As on the above picture, Black Lavastone with size 100x100x10mm and 200x200x20mm are the products that possible to order for one container loaded. It is also possible to send directly for urgent purposes. We can send it by FCL shipment for order one container loaded and LCL shipment for order less than one container.

    But, how we can help you if you need the material for items that just have stock less than 700m2 urgently? (At this case, you need to make an order for FCL shipment)

    Please, don’t worry. Stone Depot can provide you because we have a large warehouse around 7,000m2 and have an active production every month. Stone Depot often supplies the products to their customer around 2 containers per month. So, it is possible to fulfill the material even it’s not ready stock. Stone Depot can produce it around 21 ~ 25 workdays and make sure that all products will send based on a schedule.

    If any further assistance, you need regarding our Indonesia Natural Stone , please click this Whatsapp link to contact with us directly: (Putri) or email:

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    Stone Depot News : Stock of The Month

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