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    Indonesia Stone Mosaic

    Stone of Java is one of the natural stone that has a remarkable aesthetic value that many people are interested in making this stone in buildings with architectural styles of any good to the touch of a minimalist, classic, tropical or Mediterranean. The use of natural stone on a building for indoor and outdoor is an attempt to increase the prestige value of the building. This reason also causes the interest in using natural stones are not likely ever no death. In fact, today, the building with natural stone décor seems to have its own level of popularity in the community. People have a choice of natural stone that will be applied to the building of their homes which are usually based on the uniqueness of the election will find the stone both in terms of texture or colour.

    When you are also interested in a variety of natural stone that can be applied to the property, you should know some types of natural stone that can improve the aesthetic value and the prestige of the building. Indonesia is one country with a volcanic mountain region is quite extensive course it is possible to find various types of natural stone in the country. Java Island could be an advanced one region to find a wide selection of natural stone with its own uniqueness and exoticism. You can find the stone of Java in some factories or suppliers of natural stone.


    Indonesia Andesite Stone

    Stone of Java – Indonesia Andesite Stone

    This stone is one type of stone of Java that can be an advanced option to add to the aesthetic value of your home decor. This natural stone has the character of irregular shapes, flat and hard. This stone has a unique colour is a brownish-gray. Natural stone is often used to decorate a wall or a fence outdoors. Of course, with irregular shapes, installation of natural stone requires special skills. Besides the stone slabs, you can also find stone betel leaves. Natural stone is very similar to the stone slabs. The difference is in the stone slabs is exposed on the surface width when mounting while rock betel leaves used to be shown on the thick side of the stone.

    Other types including the stone of Java are lava stone. This stone has a black colour with the medium level of hardness. In addition, this rock has large pores and seems fragile. Typically, this type of stone is marketed in the form of a rectangular piece with a selection of varying sizes. This type of stone surfaces usually only one kind that is finely textured, former deductions. However, you also can find a combination of the grooved surface formed with a certain pattern using a grinder. Stones from other Java that could be an option to be applied to the property are andesitic stone which has a dark gray colour with shades shaped granules. The nice texture is also quite beautiful with the medium level of hardness. This stone is a lot of choice for application at an advanced circuitry house minimalist concept that is very popular in times past. There are several options stone texture available in the market such smooth, rough, or grooved.


    Indonesia Sandstone Tiles

    Stone of Java – Indonesia Sandstone Tile

    In addition to some types of natural stone mentioned above, there are actually many other types of natural stone that is also part of the stone of Java as Yellow Palimanan Sandstone, Classic White Limestone (Paras Jogja White Putih Stone), Andesite Stone, Sukabumi bali green stone, corals, and marmo stone. Each natural stone is unique and different characteristics so that when you want to choose a stone that will be applied to your property, it would be nice if you understand well from each of the stone. You should also understand how natural stone care so that you can still keep the look of the stone looks interesting and captivating to beautify your property building.

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