• Stone Wall Cladding Price Update on June 2023

    We cannot replicate the ruggedness and beauty of stone wall cladding through other wall décor techniques. We know that stone wall cladding is very breath-taking. That’s why stone wall cladding has become a popular decorating structure method. Technological advancement has made stone wall cladding an easier & affordable choice for home buyers. It also leads to its popularity as a method to dress up internal and external walls all over the world. Then, how much does it cost? It is important to know the answer. So, this article will focus on discussing the stone wall cladding price update in June 2023.

    white-classic-limestone-pullman-vimala-hills-ciawi-bogor (2)
    The outdoor limestone walls with the beauty of white

    What Is Stone Wall Cladding?

    Because using heavy-weight stones will amount to load-bearing problems, the early stone cladding users came up with the idea of cutting beautiful stones and pasting them on the wall with an adhesive. Then, we call this process as stone wall cladding. When people use natural stones for wall cladding, they must cut them into a consistent weight & thickness. The natural stones commonly used for wall cladding are slate, sandstone, and granite. Today, wall cladding also uses simulated stones that come with a natural stone look. Simulated stones are also lighter in weight. Now, let’s see the stone wall cladding price update on June 2023!

    Stone Wall Cladding Price Update on June 2023 in India

    Attractiveness is just one of many benefits of stone wall cladding. Besides eliminating the need to paint walls time & again, stone wall cladding will protect the health of the structure as well as maintain your home temperature. In addition, it provides tolerance & resistance to your home’s external walls. Furthermore, it shields your house from temperature extremes, wind, rain, sun, pollutants, pests, noise, moisture, and fire. The stone wall cladding price update on June 2023 also depends on the stone used.

    What Stone Can You Use for Wall Cladding?

    Types of Stone Wall Cladding

    After knowing about the stone wall cladding price update in June 2023, you have to know about the stone you can use for wall cladding. Sandstone is a natural option for wall cladding because it is durable. Besides that, it is more porous compared to other natural stones like granite. For your information, sandstone is similar to marble regarding water absorption. Besides that, you can consider travertine. This stone has been used in building construction for thousands of years. Today, many people use it for wall coverings, building flooring, and wall cladding.

    The next option is slate as it is a fine-grained metamorphic stone. This is appropriate for exterior and interior wall cladding because it looks elegant and stylish. Besides that, it also has high durability, low maintenance, and excellent water resistance. Another best option is granite. As we know, granite is a coarse-grained stone that consists of interlocking crystals. It is well known for its durability and its color & texture performance. If you are interested in this wall design idea, you need to know about its price. Hopefully, this stone wall cladding price update on June 2023 will be useful.

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