• Stone Wall Cladding: Types and Advantages

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    The exterior decoration always becomes the first point to express the style because it adds elegance and grandeur to any building structure. And, stone belongs to the most in-demand external façade options. In fact, the beauty of stone wall cladding brings a distinct aesthetic and personalized appeal to any exterior space.

    Since stone belongs to a versatile material that has many possibilities, you can use it on both exterior and interior walls to elevate the decoration of the area.

    Hard stones such as slate, basalt, sandstone, and granite belong to the most common options for wall cladding, especially for exterior. Meanwhile, softer stone like marble is better for interior wall cladding.

    Actually, there are some factors to consider before choosing the most ideal stone including the type of composites, size of the space, intended use, and appearance. With the right choice, the stone cladding will not only provide you with a beautiful look but also exceptional strength & durability.

    Types of Stone Wall Cladding Material


    Stone cladding materials are available in a few types. So, you have to understand the characteristics of each stone:

    Basalt Stone Wall Cladding

    Basalt is a volcanic stone that comes in dark grey-blue color. This is the best stone for both exterior and interior wall cladding. High insulating capability, resilience, and durability belongs to its notable qualities.

    Granite Stone Wall Cladding

    Then, granite also belongs to the most preferred option, especially for exterior stone wall cladding. This stone defines some key features. In addition to its durability, granite is also popular for the permanence of its texture & color.

    Jerusalem Stone Wall Cladding

    This is a historic stone from a pale form of dolomite and limestone. Besides that, this natural stone is popular for its density. Even more, it has the ability to effectively weather harsh conditions.

    Marble Stone Wall Cladding

    Next, marble stone signifies grandeur and elegance. Even though it is hard to work with, this natural stone always gives impressive results.

    Slate Stone Wall Cladding

    The next type of stone for wall cladding is slate. This is a metamorphic rock for an optimal material for building. It is appropriate for both exterior and interior wall cladding.

    You need to thank to its sophisticated look, water resistance, and durability. Anyway, if you want a trendy wall cladding, slate stone is a good material to choose.

    Limestone Wall Cladding

    Another type of stone for wall cladding is limestone. This is a versatile and unique stone that is excellent for building faces as it can easily be shaped and carved relatively.

    The Advantages of Stone Wall Cladding

    There are a few reasons why wall cladding from stone can be a good idea for home decoration. Besides sustainability, stone is also easy to install.

    Then, stone is weather-resistant, too. In addition, stone is available in different finishes such as sandblasted finish, honed finish, and polished finish.

    Moreover, stone provides high levels of insulation that can reduce the heat gain or heat loss. And, stone also has a natural appearance conveying a timeless impression.

    Additionally, its natural characteristics & uniform property make stone heavier. One more thing, stone is expensive enough. Overall, stone wall cladding can enhance your home decoration perfectly.

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