• Stunning Application of Basalt Chisseled for Wall at Ibis Hotel Bugis Singapore


    All Photos courtesy of Ibis Hotel Bugis Singapore


    Have you ever paid attention to the application of basalt chisseled for wall at ibis Hotel bugis Singapore? If you have favor in architecture, you may not neglect this matter. Selecting a hotel to stay is not only because of how convenient and complete the facilities are. As a person with deep knowledge in architecture, the appearance of interior and exterior also becomes essential matter to consider. The surrounding views both inside and outside the hotel can affect the created atmosphere and experienced stay. Even in a glance, it is easy to determine if the architecture is pleasing or not.

    Ibis Hotel Singapore is located in the heart of Singapore’s business, cultural and shopping districts. You can go to Bugis, Mustafa Center, Little India and Orchard Road simply on foot. It just even takes 30 minutes to reach Changi Airport by the MRT. Being awarded as Best Economy Hotel in Asia Pacific by TTG in 2009-12 and Certificate of Excellent by Tripadvisor in 2012-14, this hotel provides the new bedding facility, free unlimited WiFi access, complementary access to 2,300 newspapers, free use of bicycle and EZ link card. Be it business trip or recreational one, it is a recommended hotel to stay when you visit Singapore.

    Natural Accent with Application of Basalt Chisseled for Wall at Ibis Hotel Bugis Singapore

    Stones are no more only used as main material of construction. With the proper cutting and polishing techniques, it can be transformed into decorative elements. Take for example the chiseled stones which are common installed to enhance the physical look of the wall, fireplace and other interior and exterior areas. It makes sense then if architects also take the advantage of the natural stone value in Ibis Hotel Singapore construction. They do not only create the stunning focal point with the chiseled stone on the walls, but also have invested their effort in selecting the durable and reliable material, i.e. basalt stone.

    The main characteristic of basalt stone is its exceptionally favorable physical properties. It is common used in constructions. Mainly, there are two colors of basalt, black and grey. Each of them is neutral tone which can easily fit to other materials. As decorative elements, the stone is now available in various cuts and shapes. The application of basalt chisseled for wall at Ibis Hotel bugis Singapore is one of the examples of how architects appreciate this stone value. Besides that, the basalt stone can be made into stairs, countertops, pavers, window sills, flooring tiles and steps. With a number of benefits it has, basalt products can cost high.


    Indonesia Basalt Cladding at Ibis Hotel Singapore (Photo courtesy of Ibis Hotel Singapore)

    The physical appearance of a commercial building can add the value on its sale. If a hotel has stunning interior and exterior, guests won’t regret spending some more money to experience all kinds of convenience it offers. The first impression is very important. If the hotel looks old, untreated and unwell constructed, it will lose the trust of potential customers. So, it is very reasonable for a reputable hotel located in strategic location to invest more in the construction. Guests won’t be hesitated booking a room and spending some nights there. The importance of first impression can be seen from the application of basalt chisseled for wall at ibis Hotel bugis Singapore.

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    Stunning Application of Basalt Chisseled for Wall at Ibis Hotel Bugis Singapore

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