• Green Sukabumi Stone – Stunning Bali Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool at Ayana Resort Bali

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    Natural stones tend to be a favorite and such one as green sukabumi stone for swimming pool at Ayana Resort Bali should be a great example that in essence brought the sense of whole beauty of nature. Natural stone has a sturdy and solid texture that is being used to set up various buildings. In addition to that, natural green stones can be formed into any shape, ranging from a square shape to a spherical shape. That’s why a building with natural stones on it will be the one with extra beauty. The stones will raise the aesthetic aspect of a building.

    Green Sukabumi Stone – Beautiful Bali Green Sukabumi Stone at Ayana Resort

    Processed stones are then widely used as an ornament for house or any building. Despite having a solid texture, not all stones can be used as ornaments. Only stones with unique textures would be fitted into a specific space. We can see one example of the use of natural stone by looking at  green sukabumi stone for swimming pool at Ayana Resort Bali. Aside from being home ornaments, natural stone can also be used to beautify gardens and fish ponds as well as swimming pool. It seems natural rocks had been born with a natural beauty, so that human intervention is not quite needed.

    Main Quality of Bali green sukabumi stone for swimming pool at Ayana Resort Bali

    Courtesy: Instagram @kisforkani

    Courtesy: Instagram @kisforkani

    Most of the natural rock was formed by natural processes, which then are used to meet everyday needs. The stones are processed in a way to be used for a variety of needs. When the stone is used for swimming pool, Bali green stone serves not only as a part of the aesthetic elements, but also serves as an element to purify water. Even so, many people feel enough to use a ceramic rather than natural stone, because the price is much cheaper than natural stones. But now things have changed and people started using natural rocks such as Bali green stone to beautify their pool.

    The use of natural stone for swimming pools usually divided into two. First, the hard rocks are typically used to personalize the look on the edge of the pool. Second, waterproof-natural stone which could clear the water at the same time usually used on the inside of the pool. At this point, Bali green stone came out with two characteristics, which make them as a more flexible choice. The price may be more expensive than ceramic, but Bali green stone certainly provides more benefits for pool owners, among which is the beauty of nature.

    Thus, the decision to go back to nature, back to the use of natural stones, became a decision that should be taken by many people. The owner of a resort can enhance the appearance at certain angles of the building, of course, by utilizing the characteristics of natural rocks. Back to nature is the key to happiness and pleasure. green sukabumi stone for swimming pool at Ayana Resort Bali is a perfect example where nature meets the business, which intended to provide more comfort to those who stay there.

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    Green Sukabumi Stone – Stunning Bali Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool at Ayana Resort Bali

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  1. We will need around 300 sqm in 24×24 inches (= 60×60 cm or 61×61 cm) in a Brushed Finished (antislip)

    Please advise price, availability, range of product, payment terms and also

    – What other sizes do you produce?
    – What other finishes can you do?
    – If we need coping or bullnoses or special pieces, can you do it.

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