• Stunning Basalt Split Face in Random Cutting Size at Garden By The Bay Singapore as Excellent Exterior Decoration

    Do you feel amazed with the unique Basalt Split Face in Random Cutting Size at Garden By The Bay Singapore? If you visit this country, it is one of must to visit attractions. Located at 18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953, Gardens by the Bay has been nominated for the Best Local Attraction award in the SG Readers’ Choice Awards 2015. As a large outdoor recreational area with the view of Marina Bay, it becomes a place of some stunning event venues. Take for example The Meadow, Flower Field Hall and Silver Leaf. Surely, each area has more treasures to dig inside.

    Gardens by the Bay construction is inspired by NParks’ dream to make a City in a Garden. It was started with over 70 entries submitted by 170 firms from 24 countries involving in an international master plan design competition in 2006. Two winners were announced in September 2006, i.e. Grant Associates for Bay South and Gustafson Porter for Bay East, both from UK. To get the true winner in this competition, their master plan concepts and models were displayed in a public exhibition. Based on more than 700 feedbacks from over 10,000 visitors, those both firms won and finally worked together in the Gardens’ development.


    Appealing Look of Unique Basalt Split Face in Random Cutting Size at Garden By The Bay Singapore

    If you take a look inside, you can find more surprises, for example the unique Basalt Split Face in Random Cutting Size at Garden By The Bay Singapore. To complete the concept of nature in the garden, the interior design also has the natural scent. It is seen with the installed basalt stone cladding. This volcanic stone has been used in architecture for centuries. It gets more popular too nowadays. Basalt is usually used as a finishing stone because of its strength, beauty and reliability. Being installed in split face cladding method with random cutting size, the stone bring more benefits to the interior enhancement.


    Split face stone cladding works well to create instant beauty to any application. It uses genuine stone, but does not cost as expensive as using full sized stone pieces. The common uses of split face cladding are on the walls, both indoor and outdoor. It also adds accent on fireplace, decorative look on backsplash and anywhere else wanted as stunning focal point. Placed indoors, this product brings the sophistication and natural elegance, allowing the space blends seamlessly with the environment. No wonder if today’s modern architecture takes the advantage of basalt stone to create unique and excellent decoration with the split face cladding installation.


    As interior finish, basalt stone is not only beautiful, but also environmental friendly. The stone’s natural structure provides a wide range of possibilities of creation. The split face cladding also offers more benefits. It is easy to install, simply glued with the new or existing wall or suitable board. Instantly, it adds the timeless rugged and sophisticated view at low cost. If it is cut in random size, the pieces can be assembled into unique design. This idea is very suitable to enhance the look of a recreational area such the unique Basalt Split Face in Random Cutting Size at Garden By The Bay Singapore, so every visitor will be pleased with both interior and exterior beauty.

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