• Stunning Indonesia White Beige Marble : Makassar Marble in Hilton Hotel Bandung

    Indonesia Makassar Marble Hilton Hotel Bandung1

    Makassar Marble at the Hilton Hotel lobby Bandung, West Java, Indonesia (All photos courtesy of the Hilton Hotel Bandung)

    Marble’s unique characters have made this stone type as the symbol of luxury. It is very beautiful. The naturally made patterns increase its investment value and worth to be priced high. If you want to improve your home interior, you can directly pick the marble tiles. There is a variety of choices to select. Each country even has their own characteristics. Mostly, marble tiles are imported from Italy, India, Greece, Brazil and China. You can also find many more options in Indonesia. Makassar Marble is one of the favorite choices among of the local people if you need a reference.

    People call the marble type in Indonesia based on the location where it was mined. If it was from Makassar, then it will be named Makassar Marble. Since the country has a lot of volcanoes spread from West to East that produce the top quality marble stones, there must be many names to count. The one from Ujung Pandang or Makassar is known as the favorite choice. The beautiful tone seems speaking about the glamour. People can easily fall in love with the shinning surface once stepping the feet on this marble floor. You should invest more to get the best quality.

    Indonesia Makassar Marble Hilton Hotel Bandung2

    Makassar Marble at the Hilton Hotel 2nd Floor Bridge, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia (Courtesy of the Hilton Hotel Bandung)

    There are many reasons why people put Makassar Marble as their favorite choice. It is somewhat creamy white color (beige), white veins and pink, hard and also shiny. Started to be popular in the 90s, mostly people use it as the main floor’s material. It is because of the creamy color which looks neutral and works well with the surrounding furniture. As well as the beauty, you should not doubt its quality that is equal to the imported ones. But the price is surely friendlier to your pocket if you order it directly from the local supplier. The manufacturer can also provide you the tiles with specific requirements.

    Location where the stone was mined is not the only factor that determines the marble tiles price. It even takes a long process and high difficulty level to turn the ordinary stones into high valued products. It requires skillful techniques to cut and finish the stones. There are four choices of Makassar Marble to choose based on the finishing, i.e. Polished, unpolished, honed and hammer. You must pay high for the marble with the finest finishing. The same expensive price also goes to the marble tiles with naturally made textures without being touched too much by human hands.

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    Stunning Indonesia White Beige Marble : Makassar Marble in Hilton Hotel Bandung

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