• Stunning Natural Stone in Como Shambala Resort and Spa Bali


    Paras Kerobokan Bali Stone (Photo Courtesy Como Shambala Bali)

    A few months ago I decided to spend the holidays in Como Shambala, which is known as the most tranquil vacation spot. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I went there with a view to calming the mind while restoring balance to the body. There are many options that can be done in Como Shambala, but the natural condition of a vacation spot is one thing that most impressed me. There you can find a natural space design, where there are many buildings that formed from black lavastone. This is one of the advantages that could make anyone amazed. There are several buildings and gates are made much like a relic of the past. However, it should be noted also that the place also does not leave aspects of modernity. So in essence, there you will find a blend of ancient and modern culture, as reflected by the surrounding atmosphere. When you want a special place, the Como Shambala becomes a best choice. This is not only because of the private nature of the place has to offer, but also because of the setup of space which makes it look impressive and natural at the same time. The use of natural stones such as paras bali kerobokan stone makes the place looks neat and impressive. Paras Kerobokan is modesty interpretation of existing buildings in Bali. Dark gray color on the stone represent the image of humility, contemplation, as well as the hospitality that make each building transformed into a reassuring figure. In Bali, paras kerobokan is frequently used for building walls and fences, and also often used to build the floor as well. In the Como Shambala I also found a lot of building design that promotes the use of materials such as green sukabumi stone. The latter has a texture and a bright green color while in the water, making it suitable to be used to build a swimming pool. This kind of rock is very impressive and I often see it used as a material for building a swimming pool in Como Shambala. In short, there are many natural images offered on the site, ranging from the building to a variety of small objects like foothold.

    Green Sukabumi Stone And BlackLavastoneinComo Shambala Pool Bali

    Green Sukabumi Stone (inside pool) and Black Lavastone (coping) (Photo Courtesy Como Shambala Bali)

    With such concept, Como Shambala becomes a place that offers exotic properties, which at the same time also calms the mind. If forced to return there in the future, I would do it with pleasure.

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    Stunning Natural Stone in Como Shambala Resort and Spa Bali

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