• Sukabumi Stone as A Amazing Feature For Swimming Pool

    Indonesia Sukabumi Stone with Crystal Green Colour – Stone Depot

    Sukabumi Stone tiles are the perfect natural stone for all types of swimming pools. Many project managers has proven that natural stone is the best choice for pool tiling. Although there are many other options, none of them are able to provide the exoticism and perfection like natural stone. Stone tiles will also add a natural element, making the swimming pool feel more refreshing. Moreover, Sukabumi tiles have a green color that has unique gradations in wet and dry conditions. When dry, the green looks faded and when wet, the green will slightly darken, making it look like it is two different colors.

    Indonesia Sukabumi Stone with Plain Green Colour – Stone Depot

    One of the reasons why project managers choose Sukabumi stone as the main material for swimming pools is its amazing feature. This natural stone contains a compound called Zeolite which is able to keep the water clean and clear. These compounds are able to kill bacteria and keep water free from various types of germs. In other words, Sukabumi stone has a natural disinfectant that keeps the swimming pool healthy and clean. The porous character of the stone surface also makes Sukabumi stone suitable for swimming pools. The pores will provide a smooth air flow so that the stone does not absorb heat from the sun. Indirectly, this ability is able to keep the pool water temperature stable even in the summer.

    How to Clean and Maintain Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles

    Another advantage of using Green Sukabumi stone is its scratch-resistant properties which allow you to have a durable material for your swimming pool. In addition, this natural stone is also very easy to clean so that swimming pool maintenance does not give a heavy burden to the owner.

    1. Removing Yellow Stains

    Sometimes we can see there are little yellow spots on the surface of the stone. These permanent stains are usually the original pattern of Sukabumi tiles. However, there are also yellow stains that are formed as a result of exposure to other materials. And we can clean it so that the natural color will appear.

    Impermanent yellow stains are usually occurs because of the storage period in the warehouse is too long. This triggers oxidation which makes Sukabumi tiles have a yellowish stain. Use a ceramic cleaner mixed with water in a ratio of 1:3, spray around the yellow stain and then leave it for a while until it is finally cleaned with a soft brush.

    2. Remove Mud

    Mud deposit is an accumulation of stains that are in the same place, usually due to human activities so that the surface of the stone tiles is exposed to mud. If the mud deposit has dried, then you can wet the surface of the stone tiles with water. Even without a special detergent, mud can be lost if rinsed with water and rubbed gently by hand.

    Indonesia Sukabumi Stone with Split Face Green Colour – Stone Depot

    Keep in mind that the Sukabumi stone is easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t need extra care because it has natural ability to resist any kind of stains.

    How to Purchase Green Sukabumi Stone

    Depending on your needs, the green Sukabumi stone price may vary. For further information about this natural and luxurious stone, you can contact us through Whatsapp (Putri), or call us (+62 231 8802888).

    You can also send us a fax (+62 231 8491546) or email ( We will answer your questions and provide you with all the information that you need about Green Stone Sukabumi.

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