• The Most Interesting Bali Stone Marbles to Watch in 2022

    The Bali Stone Marbles to Watch in 2022 is very interesting. They both can be luxury and quite common, they can also be used in housing projects and also be in jewelry. Today, we’re going to talk about the stone marbles you can find in Bali for many things you need. We’re going to talk about the description and usage of each marble to understand it deeply.

    These marbles were not indigenous to Bali, as the variety of marbles from Bali was not that much. But definitely, all of the things that we are going to discuss in this article can be found on the precious stone market in Bali with reasonable to high luxury prices.

    Bali Black Lava

    Bali Black Lava Stone
    Bali Black Lava Stone

    The black lava is one of The Bali Stone Marbles to Watch in 2022, this is because it is quite rare and has a very prestigious – very expensive price tag. This is because the Bali Black Lavastone is very rare and is also often used in very high levels of luxurious buildings.

    The main use of Black Bali Lava stone is on the pools. If you happened to went into the swimming pools on the beachfront clubs and also the pubs with some pools – you can bet that they use the best marble there is in Bali: the Black Lava. It is the best choice if you want to scream luxury.

    Ocean Wave Stone

    Ocean Wave Stone
    Ocean Wave Stone

    The Bali Stone Marbles to Watch in 2022 is the ocean wave stone. This is mainly because of the naturalistic tendencies that many people want to see in Bali. The color and texture of the Ocean Wave Stone marble make it the go-to choice for many inland resorts and village-based restaurants.

    The ocean wave stone is very ‘natural’, which is often being used to preserve the sense of natural wonder for many resand orts that used them. Both for pavers, and floors or to make your toilet look great and clean while maintaining the natural look from Bali, this is your best choice.

    Sukabumi Stone

    Sukabumi Stone
    Sukabumi Stone

    Another piece of The Bali Stone Marbles to Watch in 2022 is from West Java. The Sukabumi Stone or officially the green Sukabumi stone is often being used for its practicality and quite a competitive price compared to other stones in this list.

    Some luxury resorts use the green Sukabumi stone mainly in the pool and the toilet. This is because this stone is very water-resistant and very easy to clean. Thus, the use of this green Sukabumi Stone would make maintenance easier, less common, and less price compared to other marbles.

    What we’re the best pick for The Bali Stone Marbles to Watch in 2022. You can get them in markets or ceramics shops in Bali at various prices. The more it is nearer to Canggu, often makes the demand more apparent and makes them way pricier. Whatever it is, these are the best picks that won’t disappoint your luxury and maintenance needs in construction.

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