• The Balinese Home Style Concept with Bali Amanjiwo Stone

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    Determining the style of the house is not an easy matter because we have to think about many things. Especially when you have determined the right concept, there are still many things to do so that everything is in accordance with the main design.

    In other words, selecting the style of the house must consider various things that will relate to one another. This is very important in order to create a harmony that blends very well. Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri knows very well about this, so they have finalized the main concept and consistent to continue according to that style. One of the things we can see is how this resort has a Balinese style full of traditional nuances.

    The Unique Wall Cladding Features with Brown Limestone at Bukit Daun, Kediri

    indonesia-brown-amanjiwo-wall-cladding-bukit-daun-kediri (1)
    Brown limestone cladding improve the natural ambiance around the place

    When we first come to Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri, we will see that this resort has something different. With a very thick Balinese concept, we can feel the uniqueness that makes it unusual. Especially by using Indonesia Brown Amanjiwo stone which is the main decoration in several places. This natural stone seems to be something that can unite several other elements that still have a traditional feel.

    From this resort, we also learn that the traditional residential concept still looks unique and extraordinary when it has a strong basic concept. And the combination of Brown Amanjiwo stone with Balinese style concepts has proven it.

    We can see that some areas of the Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri use the Indonesian Brown Amanjiwo stone. One of them is the outer wall that uses natural stone as wall cladding. As one of the natural stones that have an exotic character, we can see that some of the pillars and walls that use natural stone have an elegant side.

    Also, the nuances blend well with the traditional concepts, make everything is just perfect. In short, Bali Brown Amanjiwo stone is the right material to make sure all areas have the right composition.

    Balinese Home Style Concept with Amanjiwo Stone at Bukit Daun

    indonesia-brown-amanjiwo-wall-cladding-bukit-daun-kediri (2)
    Brown Amanjiwo with rounded shape gives extraordinary ambiance for the wall cladding

    Indonesia Brown Amanjiwo stone is one of the exotic natural stones which is still in the limestone category. This natural stone is often used for various landscaping and wall stone projects.

    However, this natural stone can also be applied to other areas as long as it matches the main design. With an elegant golden yellow color, this natural stone will give a beautiful impression like the Balinese style. When used as wall cladding, you can choose a natural finishing type that will give it a stronger traditional character, making it blend well in Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri.

    From this resort, we can see that the traditional Balinese style still provides an aesthetic value to the building. This can be an inspiration that makes you more courageous to express yourself.

    So far, we have always been fixated on up-to-date styles or the latest trends so that we forget the classic styles. It doesn’t matter if we use the old style, it’s just that how we give a different touch to make it look fresher. Using Indonesia Brown Amanjiwo stone for wall cladding or landscaping is the right choice to be combined with a Balinese home-style concept.

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    The Balinese Home Style Concept with Bali Amanjiwo Stone

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