• The Beauty in White: Indonesia Classic Limestone Walls

    Indonesia White Classic Limestone is a premium Bali stone tile for durable and modern wall cladding. For product info, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email:

    The best part about wall cladding is that we can determine the theme based on the material that we used. This is going to be a fun project because we can do a lot with wall cladding. As one of the best techniques for turning a plain wall into something beautiful, wall cladding also allows us to make it look better by adding the character to make it alive.

    A concept like this has even been adopted by several hotels and resorts, one of which is the Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills which uses the Indonesia White Classic Limestone for wall cladding. A right decision, the limestone walls now have a minimalist and stunning look everywhere you see.

    Impressive Characters of The White Classic Limestone

    You can do limestone wall cladding with various patterns so that there is a texture that creates character. Unlike coating with paint, walls with wall cladding techniques will have varying surfaces, of course, it is depending on the type of finishing used. The color also depends on the material used, usually according to the concept of the property.

    Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills as one of the best places in town has a contemporary minimalist theme combined with natural tropical nuances. Using classic white limestone Indonesia for wall cladding makes all the elements blend together very well. The results are also amazing because the wall cladding arrangement gives a special touch in certain areas.

    white-classic-limestone-pullman-vimala-hills-ciawi-bogor (1)
    The beauty of white classic limestone for wall cladding at Pullman Vimala Hills

    Indonesia Classic White Stone is a limestone rock that is widely used for wall cladding. This limestone is available in several different colors and finishes, making it suitable for many types of wall cladding projects for various purposes, such as housing, hotels, or even other properties.

    Although it can be used for interior design, this natural stone is more suitable for outdoor areas. This natural stone has character and features that make it the right choice for outdoor wall decoration. You can choose a rough finish to give it a solid character without losing the beautiful classic and minimalist impression. This is why people like to use this natural stone to decorate their walls.

    White Limestone for Wall Cladding: Durable & Modern

    white-classic-limestone-pullman-vimala-hills-ciawi-bogor (2)
    The outdoor limestone walls with the beauty of white

    White classic limestone is suitable for use as outdoor wall cladding because it has good resistance. Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills knows about this, so they use White classic limestone for outdoor wall cladding. The strength of this natural stone is not on the same level as lava stone, but at least this stone has a standard of strength that will make the walls last long. This natural stone also does not break easily so you don’t have to worry about its durability. Interestingly, with its classic white color, natural stone will have a consistent color even when used for a long period of time.

    The next time you want to create a classic impression on your walls, Indonesia Classic Whitestone will be the best selection as it has everything you need to complete the projects. Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills can be proof that this natural stone is amazing for outdoor limestone walls.

    If you have any further assistance, need regarding the Indonesia White Classic Limestone, please click this Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email:

    The Beauty in White: Indonesia Classic Limestone Walls

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  1. I would love more information on white classic limestone cladding for a feature wall at our villa in Bali.
    Do you have a showroom in Bali so I can come and view or see samples when I can come back to Bali? I look forward to your response. Many thanks, Sara

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