• The Beauty of Indonesia Sandstone Wall Tiles Outdoor

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    As one of the best places for family vacations in Malang, Eco Green Park ensures visitors have an unforgettable experience when they decide to come and visit this place. This is the best place to take a short vacation with children because they can learn a lot about animals and plants.

    But if we look at it from another perspective, Eco Green Park is also the best place to see design perfection. This is what makes it different because both parents and children can learn something new. We will be amazed by the unique golden palimo sandstone for the exterior walls which provides a natural texture in every area. This sandstone Indonesia is the key that makes this place look like a beautiful wilderness.

    Beautiful Indonesia Sandstone Wall Cladding Bunnings at Eco Green Park Malang

    golden-palimo-sandstone-exterior-wall-eco-green-park-malang (1)
    The beauty of golden palimo sandstone for exterior walls

    We certainly know that Eco Green Park is a small miniature of flora and fauna world. This tourist spot is designed with great precision and emphasizes the authenticity of nature. They also try to create a real natural atmosphere while maintaining natural vegetation and using natural stone for several areas, including the façade.

    Even from the first time we enter this place, there will be a beautiful natural nuance that deceive our minds as if this is a real forest. This concept is realized very well thanks to Indonesia Sandstone which is one of the materials on the exterior walls.

    If children will learn about flora and fauna, we will learn a lot about Indonesia Sandstone at Eco Green Park, Malang. Almost all the walls in this place used Bali natural stone for the wall cladding. This step was taken because the natural stone will provide a natural accent that is more genuine than other artificial materials.

    Moreover, Indonesia Sandstone also has a natural finish that makes it look like a neatly arranged boulder into a wall. This creates an illusion that will make anyone not believe that this is real. Besides that, the character from Indonesia sandstone is also the reason they use it for the wall tiles.

    Extraordinary Feels with Golden Palimo Sandstone Wall Cladding

    golden-palimo-sandstone-exterior-wall-eco-green-park-malang (2)
    Golden sandstone wall cladding improve natural ambiance around the park

    Indonesia Sandstone has a distinctive appearance with a mixture of sand and gravel that forms an abstract pattern. Even for several other variants, such as White or Yellow Palimo Sandstone, it has a more dominant color. These two variants can be used to make a wall façade look more characteristic with a certain color.

    Apart from these two colors, you can also choose Golden Palimo Sandstone or Ocean Wave Sandstone which can be applied to a wall façade to create a certain nuance. And most importantly, this natural stone has excellent strength because it is used on the exterior walls.

    Eco Green Park Malang knows they are doing the right thing by choosing this great sandstone wall tiles outdoor. With the right texture, good strength, and undoubted quality, Indonesia Sandstone has succeeded in giving a special accent to the wall façade. This is what you can learn about natural stone when visiting this place. Indonesia sandstone would be the right material for any wall façade projects.

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    The Beauty of Indonesia Sandstone Wall Tiles Outdoor

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