• The Certain Nuance of Sukabumi Stone Philippines

    It’s hard to choose the stone tiles that we will use for pool tiling. Moreover, there are several types of natural stone that we can use to create various variations in the form of contrast, pattern, and harmony such as Sukabumi Stone Philippines.

    Most people prefer to create a mosaic pattern for pool tiling. But many also choose another way, a way that will give a certain appearance and aura to a swimming pool. If you want to do an experiment, then you can do it the second way, by using Sukabumi Stone Philippines to create a certain nuance in your swimming pool project. This is a way worth trying considering there’s a lot we’re going to explore.

    Pool tiling using Sukabumi Stone Philippines can give a beautiful impression of the swimming pool. If we look at the characteristics of this stone, we can see that this natural stone has a green color which becomes its trademark.

    The green color of the swimming pool will make the color of the water look sparkling in summer. This will make the pool look tempting, making it hard for anyone to resist. Meanwhile, at night, the dim lights and the combination with Sukabumi stone will create a romantic aura, making the swimming pool a new favorite place to spend time relaxing with your partner. You can only have this nuance if you use Sukabumi stone tiles.

    Sukabumi Stone Philippines for Small Tropical Pools

    Sukabumi Stone Philippines
    Sukabumi Stone Philippines for Renaissance Pattaya Spa & Resort, Thailand

    The presence of Sukabumi Stone Philippines will also give a strong tropical feel to the swimming pool. This has been proven in several swimming pool projects in Bali, where Sukabumi stone tiles successfully blend with the surrounding vegetation to create a calming tropical feel.

    The green color of Sukabumi stone seems to blend in with the trees around the pond, giving it a refreshing atmosphere. You will definitely feel how beautiful the swimming pool is using Sukabumi stone tiles. We can see that the beauty of the swimming pool is also not limited to its size. Even though you will only build a small swimming pool, the presence of Sukabumi stone tiles will give positive vibes that can still be relaxing.

    Most people think that the swimming pool must be large in order to provide comfort. But in fact, a small pool can already provide a sense of calm if we choose the right materials and concepts.

    The concept of a tropical swimming pool with Sukabumi stone Philippines can make your dream of having a beautiful swimming pool come true. This tropical concept can also be applied to a small swimming pool because basically, you only need to add green vegetation around the pool. For a small pool, you should choose small stone tiles so that the swimming pool feels spacious.

    A small pool doesn’t need pool decking so you don’t need other kinds of stone tiles for this project. But if you insist to add more stones, we suggest using Bali Lava stone for the pool deck. The combination with Sukabumi Stone Philippines will create amazing nuance around the pool.

    How to Purchase Sukabumi Stone Philippines

    The price of Sukabumi Stone Philippines may vary. For further information about this natural stone, you can contact us through Whatsapp (Putri), or call us (+62 231 8802888).

    You can also send us a fax (+62 231 8491546) or email ( We will answer your questions and provide you with all the information that you need about Sukabumi Stone Philippines.

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  1. Alvin Aragon says:

    I would like inquire for the the details of Sukabumi Stone pool tiles;

    – Dimenaion of pool tile
    – How much does it cost?
    – Is it available in the Philippines. If not, what is the lead time.

    Thank you.

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