• The Modern Caffe Interior Style with Bali Red Marble at Novotel Surabaya

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    Our Bali Red Marble is the premium Bali natural stone for the modern interior floors. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this natural stone tile to improve the floors. If you need to find a Bali Marble Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email:

    Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites has received many awards thanks to its very satisfying service and facilities. This can’t be separated from the hard work of the staff which always make sure every visitor gets what they want. In addition, the supporting facilities available in the hotel area also make visitors feel satisfied. Especially for this, we can appreciate the hotel that always ensures every detail on the property. Like the modern cafes in the hotel area, this area looks more beautiful because of the perfect design. But in fact, this also can’t be separated from the use of quality materials. The cafe uses Bali Red Marble as one of the supporting materials.

    Bali Red Marble for the Outstanding Floors

    bali-red-marble-interior-floor-novotel-surabaya-hotel (2)
    The usage of Bali Red Marble for the beautiful interior floor at Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites

    Marble is known as one of the best natural stones which often used to beautify a property. This material also has a fairly expensive price, making it one of the most exotic commodities ever. Many people also think that if a property uses marble, it will have a higher value in the future. So even though the price of marble is expensive, this does not stop homeowners from using this material. Bali Red Marble is also a rare commodity, so don’t be surprised if its value is above the average market price. The bright red color is its own characteristic that distinguishes it from other types of marble.

    Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites knows that Bali Red Marble is a rare item, which will make the cafe look more exotic and modern. This material is also used in one area and becomes the focal point in the room. Now all eyes are on the area, making the cafe have aesthetic value and not just a room for meetings. Inside the cafe, you can see that the red marble tile makes the wall look more charming. Especially with the bright red color that combines with the right lighting. The combination has succeeded in creating a comfortable aura and is sure to make all visitors feel at ease. This is a perfect example that the marble can give a room a new perspective.

    bali-red-marble-interior-floor-novotel-surabaya-hotel (1)
    Look better with Bali Red Marble for interior floor design

    If you plan to use this material, Bali Red Marble will look better when used as interior decoration. This material is not suitable for the exterior because it is not resistant to the weather. So using it as an exterior decoration will not add to the aesthetic value, it will be a nightmare. Using it as interior decoration will add plenty of benefits and not just about its beauty. This is the thing that you need to know before you start to purchase the material in large quantities. The marble as interior decoration will last forever even if you don’t put extra care, as long as you wipe the dirt out of the surface.

    Feel free to steal the inspiration from the Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites Café that uses Bali Red Marble in their area. This stone is available in the tile so you can customize your order quantities.

    If any further assistance you need regarding our Bali Red Marble, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Putri) or email:

    The Modern Caffe Interior Style with Bali Red Marble at Novotel Surabaya

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