• The Sacred Art of Tegel Tile Terramix

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    Our Tegel Tile Terramix is a premium natural stone for the artistic flooring tile. If you need to find  Tegel Tile Terramix  supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email:

    Tiles are one important component to support the aesthetic value in a building. This material is not only used to cover the floor but also used as a wall covering to have certain characteristics. That way you can create a special theme in the residential area in accordance with the accent you want to highlight. However, not all types of tiles can be used to address the concept. You must choose the type of tile that has a motif to form a unique accent and structure. Therefore, you need Tegel Terramix Tile or also known as Ubin Tegel as the main material for expressing your ideas intangible results. But, why you have to choose the Tegel Tile Terramix?

    The Uniqueness of Tegel Tile Terramix

    In Indonesia, Tegel Terramix is famous for unique motifs that are diverse and available in a variety of color choices. This makes many home designers use this component to beautify a part or even the whole building. Usually, Tegel Tile Terramix is used in a building that wants to show a classic impression because of the unique and old school motifs that are characteristic of this type of tile. By using the key tile you can form an accent that looks exotic and unusual. It is not surprising that, until now, many home designers have finally decided on the choice to use this tile if they carry an ancient, authentic concept.

    Actually, this unique motif is what distinguishes Tegel Terramix from other tiles. The motif is beautiful, has a classic accent with a thick Javanese style, and can transform the floor to look stunning. Thanks to its beauty and uniqueness, Tegel Tile or also known as Lantai Tegel is also used in several historic buildings in Indonesia such as Kota Tua, Kota Lama, and even the Yogyakarta Palace. No wonder the Tegel Terramix is also identified with a sacred impression because it is an important part of several important sites such as the Yogyakarta Palace. The sacred art of Tegel Tile Terramix becomes something that gives a different value to this material. Therefore, people would do their best to use this material in one part of their residential.

    Interestingly, the sacred art of Tegel Tile Terramix can also be combined with modern style so as to create a unique blend of designs. So, even if you want to have a contemporary home, you can still use this material as part of beautifying the room. Such a concept has been widely adopted by several malls, hotels, and also several houses in big cities in Indonesia. You can copy some of the designs that have been applied to the walls of the hotel or design your own concept to be different from the existing ones.

    Regardless of how you will integrate the concept of a house that uses Tegel Tile Terramix as a material to democratize a room, choosing tiles with exotic motifs and uniqueness will add value to your home. Tegel Terramix will also make the atmosphere feel to be more exotic with thick classical nuances. Now you know what to choose when it comes to beautiful tiles that have unique motifs.

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    The Sacred Art of Tegel Tile Terramix

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