• Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone – Wonderful Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai Project by Stone Depot

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    Our Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles is a premium Bali natural stone for the sparkling swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this exotic natural stone tile to improve the pool. If you need to find
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    Indonesia green Sukabumi stone has many interesting features. Find out why this stone is used for luxury properties, especially Bulgari Resort & Hotel in Dubai.

    green sukabumi stone dubai

    Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone for Bulgari Resort Dubai by Stone Depot

    Did you well-known before about Bulgari Resort & Hotel in Dubai? Bulgari Hotel & Resort in Dubai is the first luxury hospitality collection of Bulgari. It is located only 2 minutes ride from Dubai. Thus, it is a very suitable resort for a vacation. This resort, along with other Bulgari’s resorts, is designed entirely by prominent Italian architectural firm, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. The architecture mixes traditional and modern Italian design with Middle Eastern motifs here and there. To manifest the majestic design, the architect requires to use high-quality materials to establish this resort. Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone is one of the materials chosen to build the resort.

    Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone – Why Sukabumi Stone Indonesia for Swimming Pool Project Bulgari Hotel Resort Dubai?

    bulgari resort dubai (2)

    Green Sukabumi Stone Dubai –  All Photos courtesy of Bulgari Resort Dubai

    It’s interesting. Why a Luxury Five-Star Resort in Dubai chosen Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone? Green Sukabumi stone also known as Pedra Hijau Verde is a famous Indonesia natural stone that is usually installed in a swimming pool. This type of quartzite stone is quite rare since it can only be found in Indonesia. Many of luxury properties choose to use Indonesia green Sukabumi as their pool tiles since this natural stone make the pool looks like a very clear lagoon. Usually, Indonesia green Sukabumi stone makes the water looks emerald green. However, In several circumstances, this tile can change the water to a light blue color. the usage of Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai also gives this astonishing effect in their indoor and outdoor pool. In addition, Bali green stone has the characteristic that the resorts seek, i.e. the stone can have smooth and rough-face finishing. Smooth finishing is intended for usual pool tiles and wet areas while rough-face finishing is placed in wall, fence, or pool tiles to give a natural nuance. Green Sukabumi stone is also durable, it is not easily broken, and it can with stand the moisture for years. Moreover, Indonesia Sukabumi stone has the ability to keep temperature. It is cold in the daytime and warm at night. With these features, Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai is customized to meet the stunning design.

    Green Sukabumi Stone Dubai – Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone Overseas Project by Stone Depot

    bulgari resort dubai (3)

    Photos courtesy by Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai

    Really adorable chance for us having corporated with Bulgari Resort & Hotel in Dubai, especially for making their swimming pool looks more luxurious. In built the resort, the architect wanted to choose trust-worthy Indonesia natural stone supplier which supply green sukabumi stone with high-quality standards. It’s also the reason why they have chosen us. We always support our customer with good quality product. It’s surely to get high-quality standards of our products, we have to maintain our quality control in details. We often selecting only the best raw material to enter the production process. Also we checking the durability and colors by water test section to protect and reject the bad materials. So, it’s difficult to find Green Sukabumi stone with crumble surfaces if you have to buy from us. Stone Depot may be the finest choice, our brand was started in 2006 under PT D&W Internasional and has been a leading Indonesia natural stone supplier over than 15 years. Stone Depot has facilitated Indonesia natural stones to many five-star luxury properties such as hotels, villa, restaurants, and celebrity houses all over the world such as green sukabumi stone project at Camaya Coast, Phillipines, Black Lavastone tiles project in Modern the Terminal Texas USA, Mosaic Kuda Laut and Stone Carving at Bunaken Oasis Resort Manado and any other interesting projects you can found here. In addition, Stone Depot also well-known for their Indonesia natural stones one-stop services where they manufacture, select, package, deliver and install the stone corresponding to customers’ requests.

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    The Wonders Usage of Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai

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