• Top 6 Bali Pool Spots for Your Last Year Holiday

    Bali, home to many beaches and countless temples. It is a perfect destination for those who want to get away from their hectic life. The beaches might be what Bali is known for. However, you can opt to dip your feet in these Bali pool spots that offer the same unforgettable experience as the beaches.

    1. The Hanging Gardens Resort 

    Floaty food, green pool tile, and natural ambiance at The Hanging Gardens of Bali (Photo Courtesy of IG @hanginggardensofbali)

    Located in the exquisite Payangan valley, Gianyar, the Hanging Gardens resort offers you an immersive experience with their two infinity pools stacked on top of each other. This pool will make you feel like you’re swimming in a beautiful lake embedded in the valley as it is designed to resemble one. 

    2. Alila Ubud

    Green Sukabumi for Infinity Pool at Alila Ubud, Bali (Photo Courtesy of IG @alilaubud)

    This Bali pool spot is based in the deep jungle of Ubud. Despite being a part of a hotel with the same name, you can still access this pool by purchasing the entrance ticket. Due to its location, sometimes some animals would pay a visit to the pool. So, prepare yourself for a surprise visit from some monkeys as you enjoy yourself in the pool. 

    3. Karma Kandara

    Green Sukabumi Stone with Black Lavastone for Bali Pool at Karma Kandara (Photo Courtesy of IG @karma.kandara.bali)

    Karma Kandara offers you an exhilarating experience with its infinity pool located on the cliff of Jimbaran. As you swim in it, you’d be able to see the stunning coastline of Bali. You don’t have to worry if you opt not to dip your feet in the water as there is a restaurant above the pool. Unfortunately, unlike Alila, this pool is only exclusive to the guest of the hotel.

    4. W Bali

    Green Bali Pool at W Seminyak (Photo Courtesy of IG @wbaliseminyak)

    Located in Seminyak, an area known for its nightlife, this Bali pool spot is perfect for those who seek a fun night. W Bali is notable for its tiered infinite pools that are directly facing the beach. 

    5. Wanna Jungle Pool 

    Bali Green Swimming Pool at Wanna Junglebar (Photo Courtesy of IG @wannajunglebar)

    If you’re looking for a pool that offers you a serene experience, then Wanna Jungle Pool is right up your alley! Located thirty minutes away from the central of Ubud, Bali, you’d be able to enjoy the quiet side of Bali in three-level infinity pools with Green Sukabumi Stone and Black Lavastone for the pool tiles. 

    6. Bambu Indah

    Elegance dark-grey pool with Bali Lavastone at Bambu Indah Resort (Photo Courtesy of IG @bambuindah

    If you care about the environment, then this pool might pique your interest. Using recycled polyethylene material as the lining, the Bambu Indah pool is designed to be reminiscent of a natural river. As this place offers an eco-friendly vacation experience, they minimize the usage of chemicals. Thus, they use lava stones instead of chlorine to cleanse and filter the water.

    If you would like to recreate these beautiful Bali pool spots in your own home, don’t hesitate to check out Stone Depot to find some of the best Bali natural stones available or contact our Whatsapp/Mobile phone: (Putri) or email : for more information!

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