• Unique Basalt Stone at Artotel Hotel Jakarta


    All Photos Courtesy of Artotel Hotel Jakarta

    When first seeing a budget hotel like artotel Thamrin, Jakarta, the first thing I saw the whole design of that hotel. The use of natural stones which blended into the surrounding area of lobby and second floor were amazing. By all means, I enjoyed the richness of nature which the hotel tried to offer. With a design that utilizes natural stones, it seems reasonable if people find it difficult to book the hotel both at weekends and on weekdays. Natural stones it uses became an attraction that is fun to look at, and more importantly, they are good for the overall design of the interior at the hotel.

    So I have found a secret behind the design of artotel thamrin Jakarta. It is natural stones which amaze me. With the use of natural stone, the hotel design looks very efficient, both in terms of space utilization as well as the use of color combinations. Hotel lobby, for example, is using the basalt which is much more economical than granite or marble. Basalt stone that was used to build the hotel lobby have created an atmosphere that is no less exclusive. It means that the stone is not more prestigious than any other expensive material.

    Things that makes everything look attractive is the type of andesite used by Artotel Thamrin, Jakarta. There I saw at least three types of Basalt stone, namely Dark Grey Basalt, Light Grey Basalt, and Green Basalt. Each basalt has a different color and installation is also considering an appropriate combination of the three. The result is beauty floor of the hotel that looks vivid and strong. For me, staying at the hotel was a very pleasant experience. Andesite also evokes sensory experience where I can savor the beauty of nature through basalt rocks that are laid down in a nice, strong combination. So in the end of journey, I found out that an interesting aspect of the stones, something which is economical but not forget another side of aesthetic.


    Maybe I will be back there to stay overnight in the future. Artotel Thamrin, with its natural stone design, giving an exotic feel of where I can spend the best time while in a city filled with the hustle and heat. Basalt is not only installed in the lobby area, but also in the upper area. The latter is an area that is similar to an art gallery, where guests can gather there to chat or do a particular job.

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    Unique Basalt Stone at Artotel Hotel Jakarta

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