• Green Sukabumi Stone Project – Wonderful Green Swimming Pool at Six Senses ResortZil Pasyon, Felicite Island, Seychelles

    Bali Green Swimming Pool at Six Senses Resort Felicite Island Sexcelles2

    Photo Courtessy Six Senses Zil Pasyon Seycelles

    Utilizing green Sukabumi stone (known also as Pedra Hijau Verde) as finishing the swimming pool seems to become more popular in recent times is especially for premium class projects in the world as that applied to the pool at the Six Senses Resort is located in Zil Pasyon, Felicite Island, Seychelles. For the public, they may be more familiar with the use of ceramic or mosaic that is used as finishing pool. It is indeed very reasonable because the market share of natural rock that has green exotic take on the market in the premium class that have been scattered in various countries around the world. Applications finishing pool with green stone from Indonesia could actually give the appearance and atmosphere of a more natural, fresh, and luxurious.

    Green Sukabumi Stone – Beautiful Green Swimming Pool

    For some large projects world-class, choose the best material would be a priority when they want to build a swimming pool. This is of course not only to be considered on the terms of looks but also in terms of comfort and functionality of these materials. As well as, the election of green Sukabumi stone is not only as a material for finishing for the swimming pool or on the floor around the pool area. Besides being able to give the feel of an art that is different and unique from the selection of natural stone green exotic and unique, natural rock from Sukabumi can also provide benefits to purify pool water because of the mini-style stone there is a natural compound zeolite that serves to purify the water. With the natural compound in stone, it could reduce the use of water purification chemicals.

    Green Stone Swimming Pool at Six Senses Zil Pasyon Seycelles

    Photo Courtessy Six Senses Zil Pasyon Seycelles

    Although ceramic or mosaic available in the market today are very diverse even some ceramics that has a motive several natural stone, however, as the benefits would not be the same when using green Sukabumi stone (pedra hijau verde). Display swimming pool will look very natural because the mini-style stone has a natural green colour unique and exotic. Using ceramic with a colour or pattern that is similar to natural stone it could be an option to present the appearance of a pool of fresh and cool. However, using natural stone will give different sensations on the water in the swimming pool. Water will be fresh and clear. Colour is also very natural; this will make the pool like a natural pond that is clear, calm, and fresh. Selection of green Sukabumi stone as finishing in the pool or to the walls and floor around the pool area is in accordance with the resort or hotel that wants to promote the concept of greening.

    Green Swimming Pool at Six Senses Zil Pasyon Seycelles

    Photo Courtessy Six Senses Zil Pasyon Seycelles

    Green Sukabumi Stone – Bali Style Swimming Pool Tiles

    This application is one of the organic concepts that could indicate that is close to nature and reforestation will give a different atmosphere as a quieter, more peaceful, and fresher. If you want to bring something more attractive, you can use basalt stone for the floor area around the pool. You can choose natural wood floors and elegant as the floor around the pool. This combination will bring the atmosphere of luxury and style that is so perfect but still in accordance with the concept of nature.

    Business major world-class projects will certainly consider more things when they want to bring something that is perfect for customers. The swimming pool does have an important point to bring comfort and tranquillity for visitors resort or hotel so choosing the right design and the concept will be very important to do. Using ceramic or mosaic as finishing the swimming pool was not anything wrong, but this is a very common choice of materials. If you want to bring something different in both appearance and quality, you can consider using green Sukabumi stone that is already worldwide for various projects of the resorts and hotels.

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    Green Sukabumi Stone Project – Wonderful Green Swimming Pool at Six Senses ResortZil Pasyon, Felicite Island, Seycelles

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